Indian from Kerala, raised in United Arab Emirates.
Room 033,
Floor 7, iGent tower (Building 126),
Technologiepark ,
Zwijnaarde, Belgium 9052

Nithin completed his B.Engg Mechanical Engineering from the College of Engineering, Guindy in 2017. Nithin went on to have stints at Nael General Contracting Co. At Delft, Nithin pursued his M.Sc. in Sustainable Engineering Technology at the EECMS faculty at Delft and graduated in 2020. In 2021, Nithin joined LCP group to work under Prof. Johan on simulating materials that be used in Carbon Capture Utilization. They are working on using solar cell simulation techniques to study semiconductor catalysts that can be used to convert carbon dioxide to high-value products such as methanol. Other than academics, Nithin enjoys reading, playing Counter-Strike, DoTA 2, Age of Empires (only builds trebuchets), and listening/watching offbeat music/movies. He used to play defender for SEVIL FC and has gone on to try his hand at everything and anything.‚Äč