Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED's)

This is a new promising type of display where semiconductor polymers are used to produce flexible plastic displays. The first commercial products are available now. Philips released it's Sensotec shaver with an OLED display showing the remaining shaving time. Recently Kodak produced the first commercial digital camera in which the LCD View finder is replaced with an active-matrix OLED display.

In the following links, more documentation on OLED technology can be found :

Our group is one of the participants in the OLLA Project. The OLLA project is an Integrated Project (IP), funded by the IST program of the European Commission's 6th Framework. The partners have gathered to propel Europe to the forefront of organic LED's for ICT (e.g. display) and Lighting applications (e.g. novel OLED light sources).

More detailed information about the results we have obtained in our research can be found in our publications.

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