VCSEL with liquid crystal overlay


VCSELs (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers) emit light perpendicular to the substrate surface. By combining these lasers with a thin layer of liquid crystal material, the aim is to enhance, tune or switch the properties of the laser emission. So far we have demonstrated the possibility of integrating VCSELs into a liquid crystal cell with the following functionalities:

  • Switching of the orientation of linear polarized laser light.
  • Enhancing the degree of polarization of VCSELs by combining them with a thin layer of chiral liquid crystal.
  • Enhanced wavelength tunability (thermally, soon also electrically)
  • Switching of the transverse mode profile.

Schematic view of VCSEL with liquid crystal layer  VCSEL with LC overlay  VCSEL & CLC stokes parameters

A one-dimensional plane wave expansion model for fully anisotropic materials (based on L. Penninck, Opt. Express 2011) allows us to simulate the behaviour of the VCSELs with liquid crystal overlay.

  Simulations of VCSEL with CLC layer


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