PhD Dissertations

Toon Brans Optical trapping electrophoresis for label-free biodetection 2015
Thomas Ako Silicon-on-insulator photonic components with a liquid crystal upper cladding 2015
Yi Xie Tunability of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers using liquid crystal 2015
Wouter Woestenborghs Design and characterization of a transparent photo-conductive sensor 2013
Lieven Penninck Design and modelling of anisotropic thin film light-emitting devices with the plane wave expansion method 2013
Hendrik Deschout Improving FRAP and SPT for mobility and interaction measurements of molecules and nanoparticles in biomaterials 2013
Wout De Cort Golflengteafstembaarheid van ringresonators in silicium-op-isolator met een toplaag van vloeibare kristallen 2012
Saso Mladenovski Light outcoupling and change of exciton decay time in organic light emitting diodes 2011
Pieter Vanbrabant Optische eigenschappen en schakelgedrag van verticaal gealigneerde vloeibare kristallen 2011
Hamidreza Azarinia Liquid crystal in microcavities for optical detection of molecules in water 2010
Matthias Marescaux Electric current and optical absorption in electrochromic liquids 2010
Filip Strubbe Elektrokinetics and charging mechanisms of colloidal particles in nonpolar liquids 2009
Filip Beunis Electric currents in nonpolar liquids with surfactants 2008
Chris Desimpel Liquid crystal devices with in-plane director rotation 2006
Jeroen Beeckman Lateral light propagation and spatial optical solitons in liquid crystal devices 2006
Artur Adamski Tresholdless switching in ferro- and antiferro-electric liquid crystal displays 2005
Goran Stojmenovik Ion transport and boundary image retention in nematic liquid crystal displays 2005
Stefaan Vermael Ontwikkeling van 2D en 3D Monte Carlo algoritmes om ionentransport te simuleren in isotrope en anisotrope media 2004