Sofie Lambert wins IMEC prize for best master thesis

Sofie Lambert has won the IMEC prize for the best master thesis in engineering at Ghent University for the academic year 2010-2011. The dissertation is entitled 'Trimming Silicon-on-Insulator Ring Resonators with a Polymerizable Liquid Crystal Cladding' (supervisors : prof. dr. ir. Jeroen Beeckman (ELIS-LCP) and prof. dr. ir. Roel Baets (INTEC)). The prize is awarded yearly for a master thesis which offers an excellent contribution to the innovation or the improvement of micro- and nano-electronic components.

Vacancies for PhD position in the Liquid Crystals & Photonics group

The Liquid Crystals & Photonics group is currently looking for new PhD students with a master degree in photonics, physics, applied physics or electronics. More info about these positions can be found in the Vacancies-section of this site.

Best Poster Presentation Award ELKIN 2010

Filip Beunis, postdoc in the ‘Liquid Crystals and Photonics’ group at department ELIS, together with co-authors Filip Strubbe, Bart Verboven, Kristiaan Neyts en Dmitri Petrov, has won the ‘Best Poster Presentation Award’ at the ‘9th International Electrokinetics Conference (ELKIN 2010)’, which took place from June 6 to 10, 2010 in Turku (Finland). The winning work ‘Monitoring of charging events on particles in a nonpolar liquid’ is a collaboration between UGent and the ‘Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO)’ in Barcelona (Spain) and reports experiments, reminiscent of Millikan’s famous oil-drop experiment, in which changes of only one electron charge on a colloidal particle are monitored during a long time.

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