Vacancy: Early Stage Researcher position on “Single-nanoparticle discrete-charge analysis for life science applications”

Recently an FWO-project was granted on the subject of "Single-nanoparticle discrete-charge analysis for colloid and life sciences". In essence, this project explores a new area of research in which single nanoparticles in a liquid are measured using advanced optical and photonic techniques in combination with electric fields. From the analysis properties of individual nanoparticles are obtained, with an unprecedented accuracy, down to elementary charges and single molecular events. This is a completely new field, which makes it interesting from a fundamental point of view, and which is relevant for detection of viruses, nanoparticles, biosensing and in general for colloid and life sciences.
If you are interested, or would like to learn more about the project, feel free to contact either Filip Strubbe or Kristiaan Neyts.

Vacancy nanocharge