Liquid Crystals & Photonics Group

Photo of the LCP group (2016-04-27) The Liquid Crystals and Photonics Group is part of the department of Electronics and Information Systems (ELIS) at the Faculty of Engineering of the Ghent University in Belgium. The research aims at the development of new electro-optical devices based on liquid crystals, electrophoretics, luminescent materials or solar cells and is headed by Prof. dr. ir. Kristiaan Neyts.

Vacancy: Early Stage Researcher position on “Single-nanoparticle discrete-charge analysis for life science applications”

Recently an FWO-project was granted on the subject of "Single-nanoparticle discrete-charge analysis for colloid and life sciences". In essence, this project explores a new area of research in which single nanoparticles in a liquid are measured using advanced optical and photonic techniques in combination with electric fields. From the analysis properties of individual nanoparticles are obtained, with an unprecedented accuracy, down to elementary charges and single molecular events. This is a completely new field, which makes it interesting from a fundamental point of view, and which is relevant for detection of viruses, nanoparticles, biosensing and in general for colloid and life sciences.
If you are interested, or would like to learn more about the project, feel free to contact either Filip Strubbe or Kristiaan Neyts.

Vacancy nanocharge

PhD defense John George

John George obtained his PhD on 11 May 2016. A joint NBPhotonics PhD between our research group and the Photonics Research Group. Congratulations to John!

Master theses 2016-2017

We offer various thesis subjects in the areas of:

  • Particle Manipulation and Elektrokinetics
  • Liquid Crystal Applications
  • OLEDs
  • Solar Cells
  • Exotic topics spanning over various research fields

Click here to get the full list.

Move complete!

We have left our old location near the city center of Ghent. Our offices and labs have moved to a location close to our clean room on the Technology Park. Have a look at the 'How to reach us'-link if you want to visit us!

Hannah Claus receives IMEC Award

Hannah Claus has received the IMEC Award for the “Best master thesis in the Engineering Sciences” for the academic year 2014-2015.
The master thesis is entitled: “Techniques to realize Monodomain Blue Phase Liquid Crystals for the next generation of Displays”
Promotors: Jeroen Beeckman and Kristiaan Neyts

SID - Mid Europe Student Award for Mohammad Mohammadimasoudi

The SID-ME Chapter Student Award is granted for an outstanding scientific or technical achievement in, or contribution to, research on information display.
Recently the SID-ME Student Award Committee reached a unanimous decision to give the award to Mohammad Mohammadimasoudi from the Liquid crystals and Photonics group for his work entitled 'Thin film polarized liquid crystal backlight'.
The prize amounts to 1500 euro and the award ceremony was held during the EuroDisplay 2015 conference.

Inge Nys wins Best Student Presentation Award

Inge Nys has won the Best Student Presentation Award 2015 for her work, presented at the 16th Topical meeting on the Optics of Liquid Crystals in Sopot, Poland (OLC'2015). The topic of her talk was: "3D liquid crystal grating resulting from periodic photo-alignment at both substrates" and the co-authors were Jeroen Beeckman and Kristiaan Neyts.

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