How to reach us

Our offices

Please note that we have moved to our new location! Our offices are now in the Technology Campus in Zwijnaarde, not in the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat.

iGent (Floor 7)
Technologiepark 15
9052 Zwijnaarde
51.0136995, 3.7067774

Location of the iGent building in the Technologiepark:

There are several ways to reach the Technologiepark (Campus Ardoyen):

- By bicycle: At the train stations, bicycles can be rented from Bluebike if you are a member of the Bluebike program.

- By shuttle bus: campus Ardoyen is served by a shuttle bus directly from the train station Gent-Sint-Pieters. The busses from Keolis leave from a bus stop in the Sint-Denijslaan at the back of the train station (side of track 12) and go directly to the campus. On the campus they have 4 stops which are clearly marked. The busses run every weekday from 7:30 to 9:30 and from 16:30 to 18:30 and run every 15 minutes. UGent personnel can use these busses for free.

- By public transport: busses 5 (some), 44, 45, 47, 49, 70, 71 and 72 of De Lijn go to stop "Zwijnaarde - Bollebergen" in front of the campus Ardoyen. From May 2016 onwards, a tram line will also operate in Heerweg-Noord at the back side of the campus with a stop in the area of Klaartestraat and Rooskenstraat. The city of Ghent also plans a city bicycle renting system at the tram stop. UGent offers its personnel a bus pass through a third party payer system.

- By car: the area of the campus Ardoyen is often congested with traffic at peak hours. Parking on the campus Ardoyen is not straightforward. A new parking tower is planned on the campus in a few years. For now, parking on the parking lots near UGent buildings is possible only with a parking permit so that places can only be used by UGent personnel. As a visitor you can get a visitor parking permit from us.